Stay Prepared For Summer And Don’t Ignore The Signs Of Fungal Infection

What is a fungal infection?

The fungus is a living organism which is the same as plants and animals. There are over million species of fungi. They thrive on plants, dirt, any surfaces or even on your skin. At any point, there are dozens of microscopic types of fungi living on human skin. Most of them are harmless but few do infect the skin causing a fungal infection. Skin problems like rashes or bumps can arise due to the same. Candida is the most common type of fungi found in the human body.

What are the causes of fungal infection during summer?

Fungi thrive in moist and warm conditions. A sweaty body part is a perfect habitat for it to thrive and infect. Summer activities like public showers at beaches, pools, and gyms can help fungi spread. So, even if the fungal infection can occur at any time of year, summer makes it a perfect season.

Symptoms and signs

General symptoms include a red rash, blisters and itching, split or cracked skin. Once you have the following signs, it is time to take a treatment.

  • Scaly skin
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Irritation


While most fungal infections are easily treatable, it is best to avoid these infections in the first place. 

Here are few tips on how to be prepared for the upcoming summer and keep these infections at bay:

  • Keep good personal hygiene. Body sweat is the best bet for the fungi to attack. Keeping your skin dry and clean is the best way to prevent any fungal infections. Effective products like Flucos dusting powder can help. This can absorb excess sweat from your body and curbs the growth of fungus on your skin.
  • Change sweaty clothes at the earliest. Daily wear fresh inner wears, socks, gym gear as possible.
  • Air your shoes. Dry them after a long day of use. Warm and humid summer weather makes it the best place for fungi to thrive.
  • While using public baths or changing rooms, use easy to dry footwear and avoid walking with bare feet.
  • Change out of swimming clothes to clean and dry clothes post a swim session at earliest.
  • Use airy cotton clothes. They are very breathable and help to keep the sweat away. 
  • Exercise daily, eat a balanced diet and take proper rest. A healthy immune system will prevent these infections from occurring.

Conclusion : Summer is the best season for fungi to grow and infect. Personal hygiene, dry skin, and proper use of dusting powders like Flucos dusting powder can treat such infections. Still, if the symptoms persist, then one should consult the dermatologist for further investigation and medication.

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